Looking back over 2018

As I sit relaxing and thinking back over the past year, I find much to be happy about and see a shift towards true peace and contentment in my life. These things did not just happen, rather they required effort on my part, and honestly, a lot of grace from God. To God I give thanks and more.

I have found that I have many dear friends who care deeply about me and my well being. They have helped me emotionally, professionally and spiritually. Some have moved far away, yet our connection remains. New friendships have developed. For these acts of love, I am grateful. They have supported me in ways I have rarely felt. In return, I have tried to offer the same to them and to new friends I welcome to our fellowship.

I have a special someone who cares about me. Someone who gives so much for my happiness. She is a wonderful person that shares my faith, my hope and my peace. I am blessed.

I have learned to live simply. I don't need "things" to make me happy. I don't need fancy vacations. I have remembered how to find beauty in the wildflowers and the flames of a campfire. I have found peace in silence or a walk among the trees. I enjoy a good book, a nice home cooked meal, quality time with a friend or simply a good cup of coffee. My life today is different than two years ago. While there was good then, there is a new perspective now.

I have a new home. Well it is an older house, but it is new for me. Like my simple life, it is nothing special nor is it big, but it is home. Half way through the year, my son came here to live so it is not an empty house. I even hosted the family for Christmas! It got a little crowded, but nothing we could not endure. If anything it made us closer.

I have lived the last year with many external boundaries. I have had limits on who I could talk to and do business with. I hold no grudges, as my decisions led to the agreements that set these limits. These limits made life harder, but I have learned new lessons because of them. I have made new friends because of them.

2018 was a great year.

I have written before that I don't make resolutions. Instead I live each day to its fullest, remembering yesterday to learn and grow, thankful for the blessings it brought. I do however look forward with hope and a vision of a better tomorrow. That too will take effort.
I look forward to no limits on where I can do business or who I can contact. I look forward with knowledge that regardless of my success or failure, I have people around me who care. I look forward prepared to fail, knowing I will rise strong and move again. I look forward knowing I am more than what I see when I look in the mirror.

Today, as I sit and think of the year passed and the one to come, I am happy and hopeful.
I encourage you to do the same. See the accomplishments. See the friends by your side. See the lessons learned from failure. See the growth within yourself. See the hand of God guiding. These are all good things to acknowledge and be grateful.

As you move forward... Do not be afraid to risk. Do not be afraid to reach out to those next to you. Do not be afraid to fail. Instead be you, be happy, be loved and grow into the new year.


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