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MLK Day 2018

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" - Dr. Martin Luther King Today is Martin Luther King Day.  For many, it is just another day. That holds true for me most of my life. I grew up in a middle class white family that had most of the things we needed to be comfortable. I lived in the deep south, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi in my younger days. I saw prejudice and racism up close, but not aimed at me.  I was raised in a family where those thoughts were not part of who we were. I didn’t make much of racism because I didn’t live it; either as the oppressor or the oppressed. I went to school at the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss. A school that has one of the worst legacies in racism. From James Meredith in the 60’s being escorted onto campus by the National Guard to the more recent events Colonel Reb mascot being removed and the song “From Dixie with Love” being banned; the school does not seem to be the b


It is that time of year when many people look ahead and make a list of things they want to do better in the new year.  Resolutions may include living healthier, losing weight, being more active, or simply being a nicer person.  The health clubs always are packed for the first few days or weeks of a new year. Restaurants that did great business over the holidays, may see a decline as people try to eat at home where they can control what goes into their meal. Whatever the resolution, the odds are against you.  I am not trying to be a pessimist.  For those who know me, I am eternally optimistic, always looking for the good in any situation.  However, New Year’s Resolutions have never been held high in my book. Various studies have been done over the years. It seems I am not alone, less than half of the population of the United States actually make resolutions this time of year.  I am not sure that puts me in the best company, knowing that there is a large part of the population tha